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Updated course material and requirements.

DOL testing available. Written test is a walk-in.

Drive test by appointment. Call 360-330-0344

{ The Centralia DOL office is open for permits/licenses by appointment only}

{go to DOL.WA.GOV - on top click on "online services"}

About Us

We are a quality driving school that teaches students to make safe decisions while driving. This is a course that affects the rest of the student's life and should not be taken lightly. Please make this course a priority over all other activities.

Course Info

Classes will consist of 15 classroom sessions now online (2 hours each) over 5 weeks and 6 behind the wheel lessons (2 hours; 1 driving, 1 observing) once per week during the course. Course fee is $425 . The course fee includes the fee for the first DOL written and DOL drive test if taken immediately after the course is completed.  Visit the FAQ for more info.  Classes start every two to four weeks.  The START DATES are listed in the first item on the Register page in the drop down menu.

Dol Testing

Walk-in knowledge (written) tests.  Skills (drive) tests by appointment after written test is passed, could be same day.  NO or minimal wait time.

Knowledge test information:  Bring your PIC # otherwise known as a Washington ID number (new numbers will start with WDL) or permit # or driver license # and some picture ID for the written test.  Cost is $15 per test.

Skills test information:  Bring your PIC # and some picture ID.  If you don't have a permit, we will issue a temporary permit just for the drive test free of charge.  Bring a car that has current insurance, registration, and all the lights working.  Cost is $35 per test.  If you don't have a car available, you can rent our car for an additional $35.

We are here to make your life easier and less complicated by offering testing with minimal wait time for all residents of Washington.

Curb parking in front for the Skills Test

Extra parking for customers in back of school.

Testing available for all Washington residents.


Make sure you and your student has read the entire FAQ.  Easily track your student's progress online at Student Page (not for online students).  During Covid restriction times the class will be on Zoom and the course information in the Google classroom.

Adult lessons by appointment.  Driving maneuvers and rules of the road are reviewed and perfected in the car in preparation for the DOL skills test or just as a refresher lesson.  Cost is $45 per hour.

We are a quality school

We have strictly adhered to and exceeded all Washington State Department of Licensing regulations since 1994.

DOL testing for Olympia residents / DOL testing for Tacoma residents / DOL testing for Seattle residents / DOL testing for Lewis County residents / DOL testing for Longview and Kelso area residents